Blips and Bloops: Diving into Rick and Morty’s (Surprisingly) Stable Season 7

Brace yourselves, dimension-hoppers, because Rick and Morty are back! Season 7 has warped onto Adult Swim, and while it may be missing the chaotic genius of co-creator Justin Roiland behind the microphone, it’s surprisingly holding its own in the multiverse of madness.

Sure, the departure of Roiland, who voiced both Rick and Morty, cast a long shadow. Newcomers Ian Rick Cardoni and Harry Belden have stepped into the booth, tackling the iconic roles with impressive vocal mimicry. While it takes some time to adjust, their versions of Rick and Morty capture the essence of the characters, retaining their sardonic wit and existential angst.

But beyond the voice acting, what truly shines in Season 7 is its focus on character development and surprisingly serialized storytelling. Yes, you still get your zany interdimensional adventures, like battling sentient pudding in a parallel dimension or attending a high school prom on a comet, but there’s a stronger thread weaving through the episodes.

Rick, for one, seems to be grappling with his own insecurities and loneliness. He’s still the cynical genius we know and love, but glimpses of vulnerability peek through the cracks of his sardonic exterior. We see him struggle with family dynamics, grapple with past mistakes, and even (gasp!) express genuine affection for Morty.

Speaking of Morty, he’s no longer just Rick’s wide-eyed sidekick. He’s growing bolder, more assertive, and even questioning his grandfather’s toxic influence. Their relationship undergoes a complex evolution, with moments of genuine connection and shared vulnerability alongside the usual bickering and existential dread.

The supporting cast also gets their time in the spotlight. Jerry, Beth, and even Summer have their own arcs, exploring themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and navigating the chaotic mess that is being a Smith family member.

Season 7 isn’t without its stumbles. Some episodes lean more heavily on humor than plot, and the new voices take some getting used to. But overall, it’s a surprisingly strong outing for the show, proving that Rick and Morty’s universe can still surprise and entertain even without its original mad scientist behind the curtain.

So, should you dive into Season 7? If you’re a die-hard fan, the answer is a resounding “wubba lubba dub dub, yes!” It’s not the same Rick and Morty you’re used to, but it’s a fresh, surprisingly character-driven take on the show that still retains its signature blend of dark humor, existential dread, and interdimensional hijinks. Just be prepared for some new voices and a Rick who might actually, dare I say it, be capable of change.

And to all the Roiland purists out there, remember, the multiverse is vast and infinite. Who knows what other Ricks and Mortys are out there, waiting to be discovered? Maybe just give Season 7 a chance. You might be surprised at what you find.

So grab your portal gun, strap on your Plumbus, and get ready for another wild ride through the cosmos. Season 7 of Rick and Morty may not be the same, but it’s still a hilariously bizarre adventure worth taking.

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