Calynn Lawrence

Failed relationships and friendships befall us all. However, it especially sucks when you’re a public figure with a reputation at stake of being smeared by a scorned lover or previous homie. That’s the case with many celebrities and business tycoons, where a mistake in judgement or a misunderstanding between parties can quite literally cost them millions. What about those who aren’t quite wealthy A-listers but are more famed than the Average Jane? Here’s a quick scoop on a story we received that portrays that exact scenario.

Calynn Lawrence is the 25-year-old entrepreneur and media personality who founded The Fresh Faces Project which is a not-for-profit initiative that has apparently assisted almost 500 small businesses, artists and talents since its establishment in 2014. She also is known for her socialite work as a former television host and blogger who frequented red carpet events mainly in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and her hometown Chicago. She’s been praised for her work through being given seventeen awards for it and being a press magnet covered in publications such as Yahoo Finance, The Los Angeles Tribune, New York Times Daily, Fox, NBC, E News and Billboard Hip Hop. Aside from this she currently does pageantry and holds her second global title as Miss USA Universe Tourism 2021.

That’s at least what the public sees. A former companion of hers who would like to remain anonymous says otherwise. He reached out to the media calling her “the queen of wannabes” stating that “she pretends to be so noble and kind, but truthfully she really is only in it for herself. Truthfully, she may be correct to claim that her work has benefited X amount of people or that she has donated X amount of money or time to this cause and that cause, but that does not excuse that her intentions and motivations are impure. She doesn’t really care about the people or their wellbeing anywhere near as much as she cares about herself and her incessant need to be in the limelight.”

When asked about why he feels the need to “set the record straight” about her, he went on to talk about how she and him dated in the past and she allegedly did him wrong. The “wrong” he spoke of is apparently her moving on with someone else who she deemed a better fit for her as a partner. He described the situation as “ridiculous and careless” saying “she did not even consult my feelings on the matter. I just looked up and she was with some other man who I knew was not a better fit for her than me. I guess she thought this guy would just sweep her off her feet and be enough for her to be her husband one day but I know he won’t. If she could just up and leave a man of my caliber who cared about her deeply and has so much to offer her then she will do it with anyone. I don’t think any guy will be enough for her to actually love them as much as she does herself and stick by their side long term.”

Nothing stings worse than a lover’s scorn. From the outside looking in, you could see the situation many ways just like with most Hollywood or Blogosphere breakups. There are always two sides to a story. Yet, you can’t ignore the fact that we’ve been seeing the good work and community service that Calynn has put out into the world for the last few years and it’s been impressive. Other than a couple of questionable social media rants and an occasional naysayer, her track record of being a good person seems pretty solid. To the average audience, she’s got the whole package of brains, benevolence and beauty. But, time will tell if the prophecy of her former companion will come true. Will she finally find true love and meet the man who’s “enough for her” to settle down and be permanently off the market? We’ll have to wait and see!

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